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4 Reasons Why You Need a Website

When I first started my own business I didn’t see the importance in having my own website and I quickly learned that I was wrong. I’m sharing the lessons I learned to help you see why you need a website and how important a website is for your business.

Reason 1: You need a website because it’s your own space!

When I first started my business I made the mistake of only selling on Etsy…I had a very successful business for over two years UNTIL they changed their algorithm and my sales plummeted. 

Here’s what I learned the hard way… I didn’t own that space. It felt like I did. I thought I did…but I didn’t. You don’t own your space on any social media sites like Instagram or Pinterest and you don’t own your space on third party selling sites like Etsy or Creative Market.

These social media platforms and other websites can do whatever they want. They can change their algorithm, kick you off, or even punish you. They can change up their whole system and you suddenly realize you’re not doing as well anymore. The simple truth is…It’s not your own.

Now this doesn’t mean you should stop using all of these sites! Seriously this only becomes a problem when you don’t have your own space… a “putting all your eggs in one basket” type situation. You don’t want to be in a spot where all your revenue is coming from just one place. 

This is exactly why you need your own website. It’s your own space! You are in control, you decide what’s happening. You own your space even if you’re using a platform like Showit or Shopify! They’re just “hosting” it for you but you still get to make all the rules and content and you’re the one in control. You need a website because it’s your one true way to own your own little space on the internet.

Reason 2: A Website Helps Your Brand Stand Out

A website allows you to stand out from the competition. Simon Sinek says it best, “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe”. 

It’s super important for your potential clients to know, like, and trust you so use your website as a tool to make that happen! These clients are looking for solutions to their problems that would make their life easier. They want to see the benefits, experiences, and how you can specifically help them.

A website provides a way for you to share more with your clients and speak to them in a unique way. Your website is an opportunity to connect with your current and potential customers.

Reason 3: You Gain Instant Credibility

Having a website gives you instant credibility to potential clients. It shows your audience that your business isn’t just a hobby. Business owners have a website, while a hobbyist might just sell on Etsy or Instagram. A website shows that you care and that you are investing time (and money) in your business and brand. It gives you the chance to tell your story and showcase your experience.

Did you know that many clients will not consider buying or booking services from someone if they don’t have a website? 84% of today’s consumers think a website makes your business more credible than companies who only have social media profiles.

Having a website shows your potential clients that your business is legitimate and you’re not just trying to take their money.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking “Well, my business is doing just fine right now the way that it is.” That is so great but things can change (they did for me). Now it’s time to take it up a notch and create your website. 

A website shows you’re professional, credible, legit, and you invest in your business.

Reason 4: You Need a Website to Optimize SEO

Did you know that social media posts aren’t typically going to show up in search results on any search engine? This is because these posts aren’t being optimized for search engines.

How awesome would it be if your business showed up on Google when your client searched for what they are needing? Using SEO on your website will help you show up in the search results that your potential clients are seeing.

Now some of you may be wondering “What is SEO?” SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Your own website is crucial to having a chance of showing up in these searches because of the SEO opportunities it provides. (If you want to learn more about SEO we’ll get more in depth about it on another blog post.)

If you are only selling your products on Instagram or Etsy then you’re more than likely missing potential sales from search results. A website will help you show up in searches and get seen without having to do the daily grind of looking for clients!

So, what’s next?

If you just started your business then you may not need a website just yet but if you’ve been in business for over a year or you’ve proven your business concept then you need a website. Seriously, you need a website! It doesn’t have to cost thousands and you can even find affordable options for less than $1,000. Don’t get overwhelmed by the idea of what to put in your website. You can start with 3-4 simple pages (I’d suggest Home, Services, Contact, and About) then you can build and add on more as your business grows.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level and elevate your brand?

Check out the Kingdom Creative Designs Website Experience or the Ultimate Experience to get started today! We would love help you build a website that elevates your brand & increases your impact. We’ll guide you through the process and take the headache out of the sometimes overwhelming tech side of things. 

At Kingdom Creative Designs we believe when you connect your business to your purpose you elevate your brand, increase your impact, make your mark and leave a legacy & we’re here to help!

4 Reasons You Need a Website
4 Ways a Website Will Elevate Your Brand